5 of our favorite moments from PCS1 Europe

TSM stormed to an impressive victory last weekend to conclude PCS1 Europe. After a month of high intensity PUBG esports action, here are 5 of our favorite moments.

Chaos in Miramar – Match 4, Grand Finals 

If there is one thing we love to see in PUBG esports, it is chaos: pure, undiluted, unplanned chaos. 

A standout moment came from Match 17 at the Grand Finals as Blaze Esports took cover in an abandoned building, faced with the daunting prospect of advancing rosters hungry for kill points.

Team Liquid were first through the door, but going in slightly blind gave Blaze Esports a chance to wriggle out. The next 30 seconds were pandemonium as the two rosters went head to head. Blaze Esports were unlucky to be eliminated, just before Natus Vincere appeared on the horizon to cruelly frag Team Liquid’s jeemzz.

It was mad, and that’s why we loved it.

Death from above – Match 8, Group Stage

As PUBG esports fans will know only too well, it is a dangerous world out on the battlegrounds with threats coming at you from all angles. Nothing highlighted this more than Match 8 of the Group Stage, as Omaken Sports’ Pag3 dotted and weaved around one of Miramar’s many houses, hoping to make his mark against BetterLuckNxTime. 

He took out fate on the ground floor, and decided to head upstairs to see if he could finish the job. He certainly could, duly dispatching Art1_x and Faultlessly from a top floor window. 

Take a bow! 

The crowbar chronicles – Match 11, Group Stage

There are many ways to hurt your opponents in PUBG: assault rifles, snipers, shotguns, grenades… but it was a case of “none of the above” for BetterLuckNxTime’s fate. 

The lethal marksman patiently prodded away with a revolver, luring Tornado Energy out of their vehicles before knocking both Qwizzy and Mellman. The drama was somewhat heightened as while this went on, Tornado Energy’s xmpl was having some fun of his own – coolly picking off Art1_x and faultlessly to take home some valuable points.

Get on your dancing shoes! – Match 33, Group Stage

TSM and UNITY both wanted to claim Hacienda del Patron on Miramar, and in Match 33 of the Group Stage each team went all in to make the location their own. TSM came out on top with a dominant victory over their rivals, and oh boy did they savor the moment.

TSM’s Fexx threw on his dancing shoes and pulled out his best impression of an embarrassing uncle at a family wedding! Perhaps what was most surprising was the arsenal of moves the legendary fragger had at his disposal! 

It’s SKUIJKE time – Match 4, Grand Finals

In any PUBG esports tournament, there’s usually one moment that stands out from the crowd. One battle that makes fans, players and analysts alike sit up and realize they’ve just witnessed something special. 

That moment undoubtedly came in Match 4 of the Grand Finals, in the form of SKUIJKE. The ENCE man had his back up against the wall, with no fewer than four With Potential opponents closing down on the Finnish player. 

This is why you never underestimate an opponent of SKUIJKE’s calibre. Taking cover behind a tree, he picked off With Potential one-by-one in a ruthless fashion that proved why he is one of the most feared fraggers out there!