5 of our favorite PUBG esports streamers

Ahead of  the PCS Europe Charity Showdown, we take a look at 5 PUBG esports streamers who have been keeping us busy during lockdown. 

Thierry ‘Kaymind’ Kaltenback – Team Liquid

You can expect a healthy serving of PogChamps when you tune into Kaymind’s channel. His drive to become better every day echoes throughout his stream, as he treats viewers to an abundance of drive-bys, 1v4s, 20 + kill wins and hilarious moments. 

During his downtime, the Team Liquid player even shares music which he has produced himself. It’s a refreshingly honest look into the world of a PUBG streamer whose channel is very much a reflection of his own personality – friendly, calm and full of joy.

Kaymind oozes positivity, and it’s clearly rubbed off on his viewers as he’s built up a friendly community of 150,000 followers who tune in to watch him dominate PUBG every single day. 

You can join in on the fun here.

Arsenii ‘ceh9’ Ivanychev – Natus Vincere

In the world of competitive PUBG, Arsenii ‘ceh9’ Ivanychev needs very little introduction. A natural born IGL, he recently led NAVI to victory at the PGS Berlin: Europe Qualifier finals – tearing through the opposition as the side brutally dismantled those who dared to get in their way. 

Over on his Twitch channel, ceh9’s dedication and hunger is no different to how it is on the battleground. Whether playing solos, squads or teaming up with other pro players, the Russian can be found doing what he does best – taking home those chicken dinners. There can’t be many out there who do it better than this.

Ludvik ‘Aitzy’ Jahnsen – FaZe Clan

Aitzy is a genuine, happy and energetic character…off the battleground. However, when he jumps out of that plane something changes. He morphs into the beast we all know and love, an aggressive player always on the lookout for those juicy high-kill games - he can’t get enough of those hot drops. 

You will often find him playing with his friend, and now FaZe Clan teammate, Gustav – showcasing all the skills that make them two of the most feared players in the region.

His streams are fast-paced, daring, and exciting, which will come as no surprise to anyone who has witnessed him in action. If you want to learn from one of the best, and gain a clear insight into the world of competitive PUBG, then look no further than this Twitch channel. Enjoy!

Saku ‘SKUIJKE’ Sajakoski – ENCE

SKUIJKE’s Twitch is all about good vibes and high-quality streams, in the player’s own words: “I’m just trying to get some chicken and have some fun while doing it.”

But don’t be fooled by SKUIJKE’s laid back approach to streaming, when it comes to the crunch he’s as ruthless as they come – as proven by his stellar display at the PGS Berlin Europe Qualifier finals. ENCE came up with the goods in the final battle of the weekend, and will be confident that – with the help of SKUIJKE – they’ll be able to do the same at the PCS Europe Charity Showdown. Only time will tell. Until then, grab yourself a front row seat on SKUIJKE’s Twitch channel.

Benjamin "mOnKeY" Lartigue – RYE

mOnKeY is a 25-year-old streamer from France who has been a household name in the PUBG pro scene for a long time now. By his own admission he gives everything in PUBG, and “maybe even a little bit too much sometimes.”

His Twitch will resonate with any keen PUBG player, showing the sides to the game that we all know and love – the joy, the pleasure and (unfortunately) sometimes the pain. It’s an educational experience, where fans can expect to learn the intricacies of the game, the secrets to playing at the highest level… and, of course, the odd French word as well!

Check it out.