Half-time at the PCS1 Europe Grand Finals

We saw 16 of the region’s best rosters take to the battlegrounds to fight for the lion’s share of the $200,000 USD prize pot on the weekend!

Team Liquid are top of the pile after the opening two days of the PCS1 Europe Grand Finals, putting an impressive 93 points on the leaderboard so far. 

Day 1

Unsurprisingly, it was a frantic start to the opening day of the Grand Finals as 16 teams grappled to make their mark on a fiercely competitive leaderboard.

UNITY, Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan comprised of the final three in Match 1, with the rosters looking hungrier than ever for the chicken dinner. Led by ceh9, Natus Vincere made some effective moves, cutting off UNITY’s optimal rotation. However, it was FaZe Clan who came out on top, taking both the win and an invaluable 10 kills. Game on. 

The casters were left in awe at Redline’s mykLe in Match 2, when he snuck up on The Nuclear Penguins to secure an impressive double kill from outside the circle. “I’ll never doubt you again, you are fantastic at this game” remarked Pansy. TSM went on to take the win with a whopping 17 points.

We were treated to one of the craziest starts we’ve had in a while in Match 4. UNITY’s Orange was caught by Tornado Energy while crossing the bridge, he was under pressure and erratic driving led him straight into the water. He jumped out the car but was swiftly taken out…  by his own rolling vehicle!

In a final showdown between With Potential and ENCE, we saw one of the finest individual displays of the whole tournament so far. A 4v3 quickly became a 4v1 in With Potential’s favor as they closed in on SKUIJKE. It was always going to take something special from the Finnish fragger to turn the tables on With Potential, and that is exactly what happened. 

With only a tree for cover, SKUIJKE methodically picked his opponents off one-by-one – showing exactly why he is considered one of the best around. With Potential may have had the numbers, but their wide spread gave the ENCE player a chance to choose his battles and ultimately seal a memorable victory. 

There was more exciting vehicle action in Match 5, with FaZe Clan’s ubah taking out The Nuclear Penguins’ Sco0by with a Dacia – squuiiiishhhhh!

We had five different winners at the end of Day 1, with FaZe Clan, TSM, Omaken Sports, ENCE and The Nuclear Penguins securing those oh so important Ws! 

Day 2

It had been a disappointing opening day for GameFraym who finished with no kills or placement points, meaning they had an unwelcome zero next to their name. They didn’t let it affect their confidence on Day 2, however, with the roster picking off The Nuclear Penguins to get the ball rolling in Match 6. 

There were fireworks in Match 7 as Team Liquid enacted a devastating clean sweep on PCS Europe Charity Showdown champions Northern Lights.

Team Liquid and TSM dominated Match 8, putting some daylight between themselves and the other 14 sides as they took an impressive 13 kills each. They locked horns once again in the final two as jeemzz and Iroh went toe-to-toe, jeemzz sprayed towards the Turkish fragger but it was to no avail. Iroh skillfully leapt from one compound to another, taking out Jeemzz with a perfect peek. 

It was BatulinS’ turn to steal the show in Match 9. Equipped with a ghilie suit and a Groza, the Northern Lights player took 3 kills in a matter of seconds, battering Tornado Energy as they moved towards him from an ominous wall of smoke. What a moment!

Team Liquid went out first in the final match, would TSM be able to take advantage of this golden opportunity and leap frog them at the top? Well, no, they didn’t do much better and finished in 15th. With Potential wrapped up the final game, and there was cause for celebration for GameFraym who finished in second place.

So, in the end, Day 2’s wins were taken by: Omaken Sports, ENCE, TSM, Blaze Esports and With Potential.

Team Liquid, TSM, ENCE and Blaze Esports lead the pack after the opening two days at the PCS1 Europe Grand Finals, but this one is far from over. Next week all 16 rosters will enter the battlegrounds for two more days – and you can watch every second of the action live on Twitch. 

See you there!