Head 2 Head: SKUIJKE v Jembty

Ahead of the PCS2 Europe Grand Finals, we’ve asked two of the game’s heavy hitters to sit down and assess each other’s rosters – strengths, weaknesses, and how they think they’ll get on this weekend!

ENCE v Omaken Sports, let’s go!

  • Name: Saku “SKUIJKE” Sajakoski
  • Team: ENCE
  • Age: 28
  • Nationality: Finnish

What do you think about Omaken Sports as a team?

First and foremost, they are a really talented team and I have a lot of respect for them. They’ve obviously got a few Finish players and we are all pretty close. We like to play together and talk about PUBG – they’re good guys!

What would you say their strengths are as a team?

They’re really good fighters, and on top of that they’re not scared of taking a fight. The Omaken Sports boys don’t hide away, and that’s why they regularly dominate leaderboards. 

And on the flip side, what do you think their weaknesses are?

I think they could improve in the early circles of games. They often lose players early on, which of course hurts them when they come to the later stages of matches. It hurts your chances of winning, but also hurts your mindset – which is super important in PUBG esports. I think this is something they need to look at. 

Looking at Omaken Sports’ recent performances, where do you think they are going to finish at the PCS2 Europe Grand Finals?

You know what, I was pretty certain they were going to place top three in PCS1 Europe, but they just missed out. So this time I will go for top four.

But let me be clear, they are a great roster and if they are on form then I do believe they can win it – they just need to avoid a slump day. 

We’ve got a different format for the PCS2 Europe Grand Finals, with there being three final weekends as opposed to two. This might help as you’ve got more time to recover from a bad day. It is going to be interesting.

Omaken Sports and ENCE clash in the PCS Europe Group Stage

Do you enjoy clashing with Omaken Sports?

Oh absolutely, 100% we enjoy battling with them. I definitely get more of a buzz when we take one of them out, it’s because they are our friends as well as our enemies – so there is a lot of friendly banter. If we have a good performance against Omaken Sports, you can be sure we will be on Discord trash talking the next day! 

I think these rivalries are great for PUBG, it keeps it interesting and exciting. 

What are your thoughts on Jembty as a player?

He is an outstanding player. He has so much experience and you can really see that with the way Jembty plays, his knowledge of PUBG is insane. 

I do think, however, that Jembty sometimes gets a little lost in the moment – he can find himself in difficult positions that it’s hard to come back from.

And finally, do you have any messages for Omaken Sports ahead of the PCS2 Europe Grand Finals?

In PUBG we have a phrase, “don’t leave your mouth open” – because that is when you get headshotted. 

So don’t leave your mouths open boys!

SKUIJKE fires a warning shot at the Omaken boys

  • Name: Jere "Jembty" Kauppinen
  • Team: Omaken Sports
  • Age: 24
  • Nationality: Finnish

Jemby, let’s talk ENCE.

My pleasure, they’re good friends of mine and I think they are one of the best teams in Europe right now. One of their main strengths is probably their communication, they’re all Finnish and it is a big advantage when you can all talk in your native language. The battlegrounds are very fast paced, and many teams speak in second languages such as English. Sometimes it takes you a second to find the right English word, and by that time you could be dead!

What do you think their weakness is?

For ENCE, when things start to go wrong they go really wrong – really, really wrong! It’s a momentum thing, they’re a top side but when it is not their day they struggle to turn it around. Bad results end up snowballing which affects their score. Fans even meme about this sometimes – but it happens to us all!

Are you looking forward to playing ENCE?

Definitely, we’re close with those guys so it’s definitely one of the battles that I relish most. We have a lot of laughs in real life, so it’s important to us to secure those bragging rights. 

Do you think there are any similarities between your two teams?

I’d say so yeah. They like to loot off map and play circles late and I think that’s something we also do. One thing I like about ENCE is that when the circle is bad for them, they aren’t afraid to go to the middle and take a nice spot.

Be honest, who has the better roster?

Well, I’ll be interested to see what they say!

We are a better team, we play smarter, have stronger fragging power and better tactics. I also think we handle bad circles better than they do – at times they can be their own worst enemy. 

Do you think rivalries are an important part of PUBG esports?

I think everybody does, who doesn’t like to watch two strong rosters battle it out with that extra bit of passion! Teams roasting each other is what PUBG esports is all about! I think the fans enjoy getting involved as well, it’s great for the community.

How will ENCE get on at the PCS2 Europe Grand Finals?

I predict a top eight finish, ENCE are a strong side but I don’t think they are quite playing at the level where they can win the whole thing. Not yet anyway.

Last but not least, do you have a message for ENCE ahead of the weekend’s action?

Of course, good luck and have fun!

Jembty takes time out to send a message to his fans