PCS Europe Charity Showdown Recap: Omaken Sports Excels in Week 1

Omaken Sports, Tempus and FaZe Clan top the table after a busy opening weekend at the PCS Europe Charity Showdown Group Stage. It’s an impressive start for the rosters, but with so much PUBG still to play, there is a long way to go before they can get their hands on a share of the $100,000 USD prize pot!

Match Day 1, Group A v Group B

Match Day 1 kicked off with the intensity and excitement you’d expect as the region’s best players went toe-to-toe. Surprisingly, TSM was the first roster to fall – no doubt a huge boost for the other squads so early on.

The final two came down to Omaken Sports and UNITY. With a 2v1 in UNITY’s favor, Omaken Sports’ Vazku found himself needing to find two kills with a mere 17 bullets left, and find them he did! It was a thrilling conclusion to the opening match, with Vazku wrapping up the dinner with only a single bullet to spare. 

Match 2 treated us to a busy circle around Impala, where rosters exchanged fire to try and take control. Natus Vincere (NAVI) kept everyone busy with a flurry of attacks but it was Tempus, Omaken Sports and Team Red Zone who made it to the final three. 
Tempus’ aggression and confidence made all the difference as they dispatched Team Red Zone to take top spot. 

The rest of the day saw plenty of action as rosters desperately locked horns to try and get a foothold in the overall leaders table. NAVI defeated Omaken Sports in the third and final game at Miramar, while ENTROPIQ clinched Match 4 – once again at the expense of Omaken Sports.

After knocking on the door in the previous two games, Omaken Sports was not to be denied in the fifth match as they skillfully navigated the circle – closing a final three that included Tornado Energy and RYE. 

The last game of the day saw a tense showdown between TSM, Team Red Zone and Match 1 winner’s Tempus. Team Red Zone took out TSM to put some valuable points on the board but it was Tempus who finished in first place, picking up their second win of the day and planting themselves firmly in the race to qualify for next week’s Grand Finals.

Match Day 2, Group B v Group C

Match #7 was full of surprises, Team Liquid – who many had predicted would make a splash – lost three of their roster early on. Heavy losses were suffered by UNITY also, who was the first squad of the day to be eliminated. Omaken Sports and Northern Lights weren’t far behind them, and we ended up with a final four of Elgiganten Gaming, ENCE, Wildcats and Team Misfits. Ultimately, it was Elgiganten Gaming who took first place, seeing off Wildcats in the final two.

Elgiganten Gaming followed up on an impressive first match with a performance of the highest order in Match Day 8, taking another win to make it two for two. Could they get an early hattrick? 

Well, no, they couldn’t. As if to remind us that truly anything can happen on the battleground, Elgiganten Gaming went out first in Match 9 – paving the way for another roster to step up. 

The circle shift led to a buildup of congestion around Impala as rosters fought to take control against one another. In the end we were left with a mouthwatering 3v3 featuring Northern Lights and Team Liquid. Northern Lights fought hard, fighting fire with fire from their position behind the oil rig, but ultimately Team Liquid was too strong for them and secured the win.

We then headed to Erangel for the final three matches of the day. TSM looked strong from the offset in Match 10 – they took a commanding position and were strengthened further by a kind circle shift. In the final two, a full strength TSM marched towards Omaken Sports’ Jembty, who was the last remaining player from his roster. Jembty took the fight to TSM, taking out Iroh in the process, but in the end TSM was unsurprisingly too much for him. 

TSM kept their momentum going in Match 11, where they coolly worked their way through a frantic circle to find themselves in the final two. Unfortunately for TSM, they were stopped in their tracks by ENTROPIQ who took their first win of the Group Stage. 

The final match of the day saw a brand-new winner, a team that go by the name of FaZe Clan… you might have heard of them! The star roster may have had a quiet day, but you can never truly count them out. In a final three with Omaken Sports and TSM, the full-strength roster picked off their opponents in an almost robot-like fashion to take the dinner. 

Match Day 3 – Group A v Group C

RYE suffered an early exit in Match 13, finishing in 16th place as rosters battled it out across Miramar to put some much-needed points on the board. The final two came down to a dramatic shootout between Northern Lights and FaZe Clan, with Northern Lights taking the win to propel them up the leaderboard.

Incredibly, Northern Lights kept their momentum going to take their second consecutive win in Match 14, this time defeating Team Red Zone in the final two.

Match 15 got particularly interesting, with many of the experienced rosters dropping out early, fans enjoyed a final two contested between open qualifiers Team Misfits and BetterLuckNxTime. The tension was palpable, with neither side having recorded a win so far in the Group Stage. BetterLuckNxTime took the dinner in the end, earning some vital points.

The gloves were off in Match 16 as teams ramped up their efforts to put themselves in a commanding position on the leaderboard. NAVI and BetterLuckNxTime treated fans to a thrilling clash early on, but it came down to a final three of Tempus, ETiGET and Team Misfits. Tempus lost Wookiebookie but still managed to secure the victory, defeating ETiGET in the final two.

Tempus went from strength to strength, taking their third win of the weekend in Match Day 17. In the final two they went up against RYE, with star man TomiL dispatching RYE’s Shiv to win the battle.

In a game that mirrored the final match of Day 2, tournament favorites FaZe Clan stepped up in Match 18 – closing a final two of themselves and Wildcats. Russian star ubah ensured they grabbed the vital points, securing the win and propelling themselves up to third place in the overall table.