The best PCS3 Europe Group Stage moments so far

It’s only the half-way point of the Group Stage, but already we’ve been treated to some outrageous PUBG esports moments. Here are 7 of our favorites

Business as usual for FaZe Clan, Day 1, Match 1

To be the best, you have to beat the best – and no one was taking FaZe Clan out in the opening game of the Group Stage. The PCS2 Europe Champions picked up where they left off at the Grand Finals, making light work of their opponents to secure the first dinner.

Game on!

You should Etiget out of here… Day 1, Match 2

At this level, even a second of vulnerability can cost rosters dearly, something Tornado Energy’s Qwizzy and Mellman discovered at the hands of Etiget’s Heuth. The experienced players found themselves in no man’s land with little cover, and were smoothly picked off one by one… brutal.

Hole in one, Day 3, Match 18

It’s raining nades!

WinStreak’s Maxiz0r served up an absolute masterclass as he curled a nade across the map, taking out Bystanders Beami in the process. The casters looked on in awe, with TheNameIsToby remarking “and that my friends is a hole in one.”

Bikes, camera, action! Day 2, Match 11

APEKS’ intenZ steamed through 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports’ scof1eld in this clip. What started with an unintentional knock from his bike, ended in a cool, calm and collected frag as he returned to finish the job. We hope he was wearing a helmet!

A miracle from MiracU, Day 1, Match 5

Time and time again MiracU reminds us why he is one of the best in the business. In the latter stages of the match, he found himself on the back foot against an experienced ENCE side who were hungry for the dinner. But we’ve seen this story before, it looked like curtains for TSM when the star fragger pulled something outrageous out of the bag to secure the win.

Too hot for Saunabois, Day 2, Match 7

ShiftW were in an unforgiving mood in Match 7 of Day 2, piling on Saunabois misery with a succession of clean frags – taking their total to an impressive 12 kills. BEASTS!

I like those odds, Day 3, Match 18

Digital Athletics and Northern Lights found themselves going toe to toe on Day 3 in a 3v1 in NLT’s favor. But DA’s CodeMarco was in no mood to give his opponents a free frag, battling relentlessly to overcome the odds!

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Don’t forget, there are still three days to go in the PCS3 Europe Group Stage – you can catch all of the action on the PUBG esports Twitch and YouTube channels. We’ll be live on Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November from 18:00 CEST.