The PCS 1 Europe Group Stage: the story so far

We’re at the halfway point for the PCS 1 Europe Group Stage. After 3 days, 18 matches and a bucket load of frags, Tornado Energy, Team Liquid and Northern Lights lead the way – but there is still a long and treacherous road ahead as rosters fight to secure one of the 16 spots in the Grand Finals.

Tornado Energy ruled the roost on the first day, with an honorable mention to both The Nuclear Penguins and Istanbul Wildcats who will be proud of their respective performances. 

It was a day packed with high drama, with intense clashes across the board keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Teamwork made the dream work in match three for Northern Lights, where they steamed through FaZe Clan to eliminate the popular PUBG roster.

It was always going to be a rocky road to the finals, and BetterLuckNxTime’s fate found this out the hard way. Taking cover on the side of one of Miramar’s mountains, fate closed an impressive double kill against Natus Vincere before being fragged almost instantly by ENCE’s Tiikzu. PUBG esports can be a cruel world!

In match five it was ENCE’s turn to be on the wrong end of a highlight. Team Quantum’s 1440x1080 bobbed and weaved behind a jeep to surprise the roster and take a cool three frags, while his teammate Braba finished the job off. Good night ENCE.

BetterLuckNxTime were once again in the thick of the action in match five, this time receiving a mauling at the hands of The Nuclear Penguins who used a wealth of nades, bullets and tactical nous to take down their opponents. 

After a frantic first day it was With Potential, The Nuclear Penguins, Istanbul Wildcats, Tornado Energy (x2) and UNITY who secured the dinners.

Day Two

If the spoils on day one were evenly shared, the same could not be said for day two. Tempus absolutely smashed through the competition, taking a somewhat ridiculous three wins in the opening three games! 

Once again, you could have cut the tension with a knife out on the battleground with each team desperately scrapping it out to put vital points on the board. Foes Omaken Sports and TSM contested an early engagement in the second match, with the latter coming out on top thanks to some slick play from Pag3.

Pag3 was on fire, just minutes later he continued his fine form to take another three kills – this time at the expense of BetterLuckNxTime.

We were treated to a lesson in pull ups in match three courteous of Team Liquid who fragged for fun against GameFraym and AfterAlt in one of Miramar’s many abandoned buildings.

Fans enjoyed a bizarre, yet gripping opening few minutes of match five as BetterLuckNxTime and Tornado Energy used everything at their disposal to try and one up each other. BetterLuckNxTime’s fate danced around two moving Tornado Energy vehicles to take a double frag with nothing more than a revolver, a crow bar and his bare hands. However, all was not lost for the Tornado Energy boys, almost simultaneously xmpl evened things up by taking two kills of his own.

The second day of action ended with wins from Tempus (x3), GameFraym, Omaken Sports and Team Liquid.

Day Three    

UNITY’s Dan1mon1 got the ball rolling on day three, tearing through Omaken Sports in a manner that was as relentlessly systematic as it was cruel. The Omaken Sports boys attempted to hide behind a smoke screen, but their efforts proved futile as UNITY mopped up in style.

It was well and truly the mxey show in match three. With seven kills to his name, the veteran fragger led by example, taking a valuable win for Team Liquid and sticking more points up on the board. 

Team Liquid were full of confidence going into match four, and thus attacked Omaken Sports early on, hoping to get the better of them on the hillside. In the end, however, it was a move they lived to regret. Omaken Sports absorbed the pressure and returned fire, and they made it look easy – picking off Team Liquid one-by-one to eliminate them from the round.

In the end, ENCE, Northern Lights, Team Liquid, Red Line, AfterAlt and Team Red Zone shared the dinners. 

It’s an intriguing leaderboard so far, but as it’s only the half-way point it’s still a tough one to call. 

Join us from 18:00 CEST tonight on Twitch as we get ready to do it all over again!