Training Day: Andrey "Bestoloch" Ionov 

Natus Vincere’s Andrey "Bestoloch" Ionov is one of the best in the business. We spent some time with the deadly fragger to learn about his intense training routine, what makes a good IGL – and why you need to make sacrifices if you want to be the best.

Most mornings I will… get up around 11am, maybe a little bit earlier, it varies. My routine is fairly straightforward, have a shower, grab some breakfast and head to the gym.

My breakfast… usually depends on what sort of day I have planned. If I am planning to exercise then I will eat porridge, if not then I will probably go with eggs.

At the gym… I am working hard on getting in good shape, so I do a lot of power training and spend some time on the treadmill. On top of keeping fit, it makes me feel good all day – so that of course really helps my PUBG.

I play PUBG… from my bedroom at home. I think I live in a pretty typical wooden Russian house, if you can picture that! My room is about 15 square meters, and I’ve got my bed, my chair and my gaming table. 

In terms of equipment, I have a mixer, a microphone and two monitors. This helps for streaming, and is also handy for watching back highlights.

Bestoloch shows us around his space

Lunch time is… different every day. I like things that will give me energy, rice, pasta, potatoes and stuff like that. Sometimes I get a takeaway, I enjoy sushi, sometimes I cook for myself and sometimes my mum will whip something up.

I probably play… around 6-9 hours of PUBG a day. I mix it up throughout the day, playing by myself and also playing with teammates. We also spend time watching highlights of other teams and regions to see if we can pick up any good tips. For example, recently we have been watching a lot of the Korean teams. Korea is a really strong region right now and I feel like we can learn a lot from them. 

My advice to players who want to go pro… is to remember the three most important things that you need: communication, preparation and a little bit of luck!

Three tips to take you to the top

The most important part of playing PUBG… is probably maintaining your discipline. I think people sometimes forget that this is a job for us. That means hard work and training six days a week. It also means making sacrifices, for example not being able to see friends and family if you are training. But I enjoy it, I take my work very seriously.

One thing I miss at the moment… is playing LAN tournaments. I enjoy travelling to different countries and getting to meet the other PUBG players. Of course it can’t be helped right now, but it will come back!

Every good PUBG team needs… an IGL who has a world class understanding of PUBG, as well as being able to communicate his plan and strategy to his teammates. They also need the confidence to trust themselves and their own abilities.

Bestoloch dominating the battleground in training

At night time… I turn the computer off! I’ll have a quick shower to relax and normally watch a movie – or do something else that isn’t gaming related.