Training Day: Omer ‘Iroh’ Develi

As the PCS Europe Charity Showdown gets well underway, we spend a day with one of PUBG’s most exciting esports players, TSM’s Omer ‘Iroh’ Develi.

The experienced fragger talks us through his daily training routine, from meditation to eating healthily, and shares the four things you need to make it as a pro PUBG player.

Most days I get up… at around 1pm. The first thing I do is make my coffee, I don’t like to start the day without it. After that I do a little work out, simple stuff like push ups and some squats – I find it really helps me wake up and get the blood pumping. 

Once I’m awake… I usually start my day streaming. Firstly, it warms me up, but more importantly it motivates me. I love what I do, and playing and chatting with people online always reminds me why I do it. It’s exciting, I get to entertain… and maybe show off a little bit as well! 

It also makes me feel positive and good about myself, and that’s such an important part of PUBG esports. The better you feel, the better you will play, it really is that simple. 

A sneak peek at Iroh’s gaming space at his home in Istanbul

At lunch times… I try and eat healthily. For me, that means eating chicken, meat and lots and lots of boiled vegetables. Like exercising, this is an important part of my routine as it helps me focus on my game. I find if you eat too much sugar you end up crashing. 

Having said that, occasionally I will go hard on the sweets and snacks at tournaments. At times I have been munching so much that people call me ‘Snackroh’. If I am in one of those moods, then you’ll find me tucking into a Snickers or some Pringles. But I don’t like to do that regularly, not least because it makes me fat!

Every day I make sure… that I talk to my teammates. Whether that means going on streams, playing PUBG or just generally chatting, it’s important to communicate and support one another. Before playing for this team I was a pretty closed player and person, but the team chemistry at TSM is amazing – it has definitely changed the way I communicate. 

And that closeness and togetherness helps us take our games to the next level, after tournaments we can have honest conversations about what went well and what didn’t go so well. It’s not heated, no one gets angry, we just discuss how we can improve next time. As far as I am concerned, failure is a great teacher.

Top Tip: build chemistry with your teammates

To take your PUBG to the next level… I think you need four key things: a rock-solid psychology, a good routine, discipline and drive. And you’ve got to really push yourselves in all those areas, it isn’t always easy. For example, last year when I was playing in PEL I moved to Berlin to concentrate on my game. This meant living away from my home, my family and my girlfriend. It was tough.

Top Tip: The 4 secrets to PUBG esports success

One thing that might surprise you… is how much I meditate. Sometimes when you’re tilting, and you’re not on top of your game, it’s the best way forward. It clears your mind and allows you to stop focusing on past mistakes. It’s honestly amazing, I usually do it about twice a day. 

My home set up is…100% geared towards winning. I like the room to be quite dark, that way the monitor lights up the room and helps me get in the zone. I’ll also remove anything that I think is going to distract me, which often means leaving my phone nowhere near the computer. 

Finally, I’ve got equipment that I am totally comfortable using. My wireless mouse gives me the agility I need when I’m playing, while I’ve got a headset that allows me to hear enemies approaching – and my keyboard helps me move swiftly across the map. When it comes to kit everyone has their own favorites, so it’s important you can find yours.

A set up “100% geared towards winning”

In the evenings… I’m regularly competing in PUBG esports. However, if I’m not, I like to chill out. I’ll generally watch Twitch streams, or put on a movie and spend time with my girlfriend.